Lecture: Arnaud Duprat. Film: CET OBSCUR OBJET DU DÉSIR

Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2023, 20 Uhr

Arnaud Duprat (Rennes)
Conchita in CET OBSCUR OBJET DU DÉSIR: A Heroine of Testamentary Dimensions?

The last lecture will reflect on Buñuel’s last film, CET OBSCUR OBJET DU DÉSIR (1977), with an emphasis on its testamentary dimension. Arnaud Duprat will focus on the creation of the heroine Conchita. The female character oscillates between a cartoonish vision of a hot-tempered Spanish woman and the embodiment of ideological values recalling certain surrealist principles. This return to the founding movement of Luis Buñuel’s art ­­– at times in a disabused manner, with its representation of a society where scandal is no longer possible – will allow the audience to envisage CET OBSCUR OBJET DU DÉSIR through the prism of its heroine as a testamentary work. Thanks to the enigma surrounding Conchita, Buñuel leads the spectator to seek out the truth in a film where an abundance of symbols serve not to clarify the plot but instead to explode meaning in a typically surrealist manner.

Arnaud Duprat is associate professor at the Université Rennes 2. He is the author of the book Le dernier Buñuel and is preparing a book on the links between Buñuel and French cinema.

Vortrag in französischer Sprache mit Übersetzung

Film: CET OBSCUR OBJET DU DÉSIR (FR/ES 1977, 103 Min.)