Lecture: Dudley Andrew. Film: LOS OLVIDADOS

Donnerstag, 11. Mai 2023, 20 Uhr

Dudley Andrew (New Haven)
Buñuel as Delinquent Director: LOS OLVIDADOS

LOS OLVIDADOS (1950) was the third feature Luis Buñuel made after having left Europe during the Franco takeover of Spain, and it was the first over which he had real control.  Considered a nasty national portrait in Mexico, it gained stupendous acclaim on the continent, where it was championed by André Bazin, with whom he would form a fast friendship. Dudley Andrews talk distinguishes Bunuel’s film by interrogating its subject, delinquency. He will treat delinquency less as a theme in world cinema than as a goad and challenge to directors from De Sica to Truffaut. LOS OLVIDADOS maintains the central position here since Buñuel might be termed a delinquent director, only partially reformed and re-educated to enter civilized society, let alone the bourgeoisie. Buñuel’s pitiless and satiric tone was not reserved for the clergy, the military, and the upper classes; it extended to social institutions and empathetic individuals serving the betterment of the downtrodden. His cinema would not be tamed or compromised, since cinema to him was instinctual and amoral. That’s why, as filmed by Bunuel, its repellent aspects make LOS OLVIDADOS a work that retains its razor-sharp edge to slice the sensibility of even sophisticated and jaded viewers seventy years after it premiered.

Dudley Andrew is Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and of Film Studies at Yale University. Biographer and translator of André Bazin, he has authored What Cinema Is! and edited Opening Bazin.

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Film: LOS OLVIDADOS (MX 1950, 85 Min.)

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