Lecture: Javier Herrera-Navarro. Film: ÉL

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2023, 20 Uhr

Javier Herrera-Navarro (Frankfurt)
Buñu-ÉL: Autobiography of the Entomological Gaze

ÉL (1953), based on an autobiographical work by the Spanish author Mercedes Pinto, is perhaps the film that contains the most autobiographical traits for Buñuel, while also expressing, with a great poetic intensity, his thinking on the notion of man as being a socially conditioned insect. This is a film that encapsulates his theories on psychological documentation with such perfection that it was used by Jacques Lacan in his seminars. At the same time, it expresses, in a diaphanous manner, the theory of jealousy from within a specifically Latin and Spanish cultural tradition. All these questions, along with the specifically cinematographic aspects of the film, will be addressed in the presentation of Javier Herrera-Navarro.

Javier Herrera Navarro is a doctor in art history and a state archival librarian. Author of Estudios sobre Las Hurdes de Buñuel (2006) and Luis Buñuel en su archivo: de Los olvidados a Viridiana (2015), he is currently completing the first volume of Buñuel Lector.

Vortrag in spanischer Sprache mit Übersetzung

Film: ÉL (MX 1953, 92 Min.)


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